So it’s been about three weeks since I arrived in the Dulles Airport and took the first step into the US. As it is not a long time I haven’t found anything much different between an American university and Korean university. However, if there is one thing to point out, a long line of food trucks standing along the road was truly a curious sight for an exchange student. I thought that the food trucks represent the American culture in many ways – the fact that people sell and buy food on trucks seemed to emphasize how car is an essential part to American’s daily life. The wide variety of food provided – from Italian to Indian – also showed how multi-cultured this country is.

Apart from the cultural insights that they provide, the food trucks also work fantastic in daily life. Food trucks make yummy meals in just a few minutes and sell them at a reasonable price. Even more, we have more than ten food truck options every day to choose from! For busy students who need simple meals but still want to feel the joy from delicious food, there can’t be a better option than the array of food trucks standing along the H Street. Also for me, who is too lazy and poor to often get out of school to get food but still loves eating, food trucks are such great substitutes for fancy restaurants.

So, as a foreign student who is impressed by both the cultural implications and convenience food trucks provide, I have decided to blog on them. I will try different food trucks every week and make a posting on them. My reviews are prone to include subjective opinions but I’ll try to review the food from multiple perspectives, as much as possible. As a person who hates taking risk when getting food, this blog will be a great challenge for myself. However, as a food truck critic for this class and hopefully the GWU student community, I will risk adventure and make sure you guys can enjoy food without risk thanks to my posts.


P.S. Please do not hesitate to ask me to first try on any menus that you are interested in but are not confident enough to try on. 🙂




  1. Hey!
    First of all your blog looks great! I think your topic is very interesting, it quickly made me click on it and start reading. About your blog; I loved the way you started your blog, I think its very smart to start your blog by explaining your journey and how you pointed out that food trucks are a big part of American culture. I definitely agree! I think the post was well-written. I am looking forward to continue reading your blog every week and read all the new foods you try.
    My only concern about the comments section is I think the section is in Korean. I easily figured out what to do but I am writing this in case you did not know, otherwise everything looks great:)


  2. I agree that food trucks are super convenient! However, sometimes I think they can be a bit pricey and risky. I don’t ever think I will be brave enough to try seafood from a food truck but if you are I would love to hear about it!


  3. Hey Claire! I really like the topic of your blog: I am a big fan of food trucks because of their convenience, so I’m looking forward to reading your blog to see what you think of some of them! One that I recommend a lot is Rolling Cow–it’s super good 🙂


  4. I like the simple theme you chose for this blog. It’s easy to navigate, and there are clear sections for each portion of the blog, so I have a good idea of what to expect once you start posting. I think you also manage a good tone in the introductory post and the bio—it’s casual and inviting, and makes me want to keep reading more. Another thing I liked were the memes, which are cute (especially the cat one). Going forward, I think you might want to replace the stock photo image of food trucks with a shot of the actual GW food trucks lined up along H Street. That would personalize the home page more, and draw in readers who recognize the trucks. Additionally, I think you could further connect the blog to DC by inserting some links to other food truck blogs from around the city. Overall, I can’t wait to learn more about Food Trucks, especially since I’ve tried one or two myself!


  5. Hey Claire!

    First of, welcome to the United States! I’m sure you still have so much more to explore and I hope you’re excited as well as ready for the journey!!

    As an immigrant myself, I completely understand how you feel. I think that there are so many little details in the United States that represents its culture in a way too. In this case, food trucks and the vast variety of options for a meal definitely resemble with the multicultural and multi-ethnic communities in this country. The diversity and unique stories of every member in the community, whether if they are a native, an immigrant, a refugee, or an exchange student like yourself. inspire me to go out of my comfort zone and learn more about each other’s culture. In this sense, I absolutely love that you are going to make it a goal to try every food truck.

    I look forward to reading your next post! I find it very interesting to see what international students think about the Americanized ethnic food that Washington D.C. has to offer! 🙂


  6. I really loved how you brought in how essential cars are to us with the foodtrucks. Sometimes, especially with the ones that just sit at GW, you can forget that not only are these places to grab food, but they’re also vehicles. I can’t wait to see which food trucks you try, because I’m totally afraid to venture outside of my favorites (which are CapMac and ArepaZone, give them a try if you can!).


  7. This is a great concept! And a much needed one too. There are so many food trucks on campus so it’ll be great to have somewhere to check what’s good. My main suggestion is to just switch this comment app to English, at least during the semester. Most of the folks in the class probably can’t read Korean so it could get confusing for people to comment.


  8. Hi! I love the premise of your blog! There are so many awesome food trucks here in D.C. for you to choose from! When I was studying abroad last semester in Italy, I gave a presentation on the differences in how Italians and Americans typically travel. I ended up spending a good portion of the time just talking about the importance of cars and driving in American culture, something that’s been immortalized in songs by everyone from Chuck Berry to the Eagles to the Rascal Flatts. I never thought to bring food trucks into this metaphor as well, until I started reading your post. I agree with you, between all of the food and the ability to drive around, food trucks definitely symbolize American culture.


  9. More than anything this blog post made me want to hit the food trucks for lunch today. I found it fascinating that you talk about the food trucks as sort of a representation for American culture, I never thought about it that way. I think we are blessed to have such a large and eclectic selection of food trucks here at GW. There was always a long line of food trucks at my high school, but not many of them could be trusted. There is actually a great film about a food truck called “Chef.” Definitely worth a watch to learn more about food trucks and their role in American culture.


  10. I couldn’t figure out how to comment on the post itself but I really enjoyed reading about your trip to NYC. As someone born and raised there, I’m glad you enjoyed your time in my city! But your roommate is completely right about hating Times Square; I think it’s the worst. But, hey, if you like it more power to you! If you want some recommendations of places to check out next time you go to NY, feel free to ask!


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